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  • The Act Of Creation

    The Act Of Creation

    I dubbed this experiment "Blue Deconstructed" after I finished with it. I had some leftover blue paint (from a larger painting, that I'll have pics of soon), a panel I wanted to paint over, some card stock, inks, and a new idea I wanted to try. I had a general direction, but I really wanted to see where my hands and mind would take me without over-thinking the process. Hence the title of this post, I was interested in the act of creation, rather than the end result.

    I started off slathering light blue paint over the old painting with a palette knife, then I added card stock over that to give me a base layer to build from and to cut into. After these first initial movements, I began to lose track of the process. I was tearing, brushing, swiping, splattering, dripping, adding globs of raw color into cracks and crevices, then covering that up with the next layer of card stock. I grabbed my X-Acto and started cutting into the layers I had been painting and covering. This started to give me results, not the kind I was initially planning on, but the kind that felt fantastic at the time.

    This was the mind and hands working together, to create what they wanted without my interference. They knew exactly where they wanted to place the next ripped square of card stock, and which parts could use another splash of color. As I peeled back layers, it produced waves of Rorschach tests. Each piece that I added, felt like it's own small painting in itself.

    When I was finally out of paint, the elation of creation started to fade and my ego/editor began to kick in. It's first thought was "What is this?!?" to which my 'in the moment mind' responded "This is creation!"