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  • Artrocities


    (All of these "Artrocities" (I would like to thank my fiance for that name) were done on 8.5"x11" pieces of chipboard.)

    Recently, I read an interview with abstract extraordinaire Pia Fries and she discussed her method of working in multiples, and how it allows her to explore a certain look or feeling further. Putting aside my 'one at a time' method, I taped up three pieces of chipboard, mixed my paints, and set to work. 

    I wanted to tap into that uninhibited 'freeness' of creation once again, and working on a trio of paintings at once elevated that exploration. I was no longer hindered about the usual 'what ifs' posed to me during single piece creation. If I liked the way my brush moved with a certain color, I was free to jump to the next piece of chipboard and continue that feeling. Learning what two colors did in a small area on one piece, could then be exploited into a larger area on the next. What was a straight green line on one, was a green zig-zagged blob on the next. Before I knew it, I was layering colors on top of one another, that I wouldn't have dared to try before. This process continued until all the paint in the tray was gone. 

    I did these studies over a couple of days with varying palettes of color. Some colors were left-over paint from another painting and some were colors I don't use often and wanted to mix and try. As I've discussed in previous posts, I'm really trying to push the color use in my work. All the while, I want to capture the spontaneity and energy of creation. Working in a trio method like this, really helped me reach further into that realm of painting. Empowering me to let go of my second guesses, and allowing me to act out with what feels right instead. 

    Again, like other pieces I have shown here in my blog, these may appear to be wrecks of art, but in actuality, I learned a lot from these studies. Each piece, upon further inspection, has something special to share, you just have to give it the time to explore what it's trying to show. I was going to write an excerpt for each one, to tell you what I see, but I figured there's no fun in that. So take a deep breath, relax your eyes, and explore what these pieces have to share. 

    After studying these Artrocities and working with a rainy day color palette on Saturday, I put the colors and methods to use on this 19"x40" WIP. As you can see, these studies have played a big part in this new creation. While I'm still using the methods I was using before, I've started to integrate the color and line usage I explored in the studies. I'll be getting back to work on this one tonight, so I'll have finished pics of it soon.