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  • Colorful Inspiration

    Colorful Inspiration

    Today's post is all about inspiration, more importantly, COLOR! These super talented artists are bringing the intensity across different mediums, but they all feed my need for oversaturation.

    The picture above is one of Nick Cave's many Soundsuits, I haven't seen these in person, but I hope to one day soon. An amalgamation of found objects and fabric, bringing color to life. 

    Next up, we have Aaron Curry's sculptures and paintings. Aaron moves from 2D to 3D with ease and sometimes leaves us guessing where one starts and the other begins. 

    Lastly we'll wrap up with Xu Zhen's amazingly textured paintings. His use of color and texture, blow me away. Such clean mixtures and execution. 

    That'll do it for this post, but I'll try to make this a regular thing. I highly suggest checking out the links to these artists for more eye candy. If you have any artists that you think I'd like, please leave them in comments.