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  • Constructed Chaos 15

    Constructed Chaos 15

    I stepped up to the easel last night with the intent of creating another complex 3D piece in this series. What happened, was completely the opposite. Once I started working, the need for layers and simplicity took over. Since experimentation is one of the main aspects of the Constructed Chaos series, I let the work take me where it wanted.

    Although this one looks simple, there's actually a lot going on with layers of paint, paper, and charcoal. I drew/painted/glued paper to create the head a few times, painted over those variations, laid down more paper in areas, then sanded through paint and paper to achieve the look I wanted. While the other pieces in this series were about adding onto the subject, this one was about layering and digging in deeper. Uncovering things along the way that I didn't expect, and adjusting my course upon these discoveries.

    I debated about numbering this one as apart of the Constructed Chaos series, but I feel as if it's necessary. Even though this one looks a bit different than the previous pieces, it most definitely carries the spirit of this series forward. Without experimenting, this series wouldn't exist, this is just another one of those building blocks. Trial and error have been the key to my artistic journeys and I chalk this one up as another lesson in learning. 

    What do you think of this flat turn of events? Don't worry, I will be getting back to more 3D elements with the next one.