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  • Illuminations

    If you've been paying attention to my dark trail studies and snippets (via instagram or fb) , you're probably wondering where my brightly colored Illuminations fit in.

    While the trail we travel can be ominous and filled with ghosts at times, there are bright spots along the way too. Sometimes, we're so enamored with the darkness, that we forget to look for them. They seem to appear in times when we need them the most. When we think our minds and bodies can carry us no further, they become a beacon to muster the strength to continue forward. A radiance that remind us, that even in our darkest hour, there's always a glimmer of hope awaiting our attention. Steeling us to remain on our path, by reigniting the fire of adventure burning in all of us.

    I will continue to paint and post these illuminations as I complete my dark trail series. These paintings are available in my store, if you're interested in planting one in your home.