The lost connection to nature and oneself are the central roles in the paintings of Troy Stith. By letting his subconscious speak through his brush. Stith’s portraits are interwoven with his experiences, thoughts, and feelings. These unconscious subjects, become recognizable symbols. Eliciting a narrative with the viewer to allow them to interpret their own experience as they explore his cerebral landscapes. 
Utilizing a monotone palette for past works, Stith fully embraces the color of our natural world for his latest paintings. Adding a heightened effect, that emboldens the subjects to be noticed and analyzed for deeper meaning. Mushrooms become representative of the neural network running under our feet and through our heads. By allowing ourselves to see profound meaning in those simple things around us, we begin to see our own connection within a cycle we’ve removed ourselves from. Similarities that tend to unnerve some, while engrossing others. All of these mixed emotions are explored through the silhouette looking hole of Stith’s portraits. 
Troy Stith is a self-taught artist born and raised in Columbus, OH. He currently resides in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, OR. Relocating there after a 100-day road trip, hiking and camping across America.